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Unleash your dragon

Dragons are on their way!

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צרו קשר
Unleashing Dragons

A card game for
deep connections

Explore new parts
within yourself & others

"Unleashing Dragons" facilitates self-observation,
deepens relationships and forms new acquaintances.

The game gives rise to intimate conversations, effortlessly.

Jasmin G. Vaisburd is an Israeli entrepreneur. She holds space for introspection in workshops, online communities and in private consultation.

Mama Dragon

Jasmin Vaisburd

"Unleashing Dragons" was created by Jasmin G. Vaisburd during a dark period of depression.
While looking for a way to heal, she noted the intimacy, attention and adaptability are optimal conditions and turned them into a game. 

A game of being

Basic playground

6-12 players 

3 hours

4 type of cards

1 living room or meeting room 

Infinite possible conversations

I desire your know;edge about a subject of my choice
What is the most interesting detail about your body?

A game of authenticity

Come closer with each other

Bypass boring small talk

Get to know new parts in yourselves

Bring playfulness to personal development

Maximize the human resources around you

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